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  About Sarmiz South Africa

Sarmiz Group is always striving to provide better solutions and products to our clients in many ways. Sarmiz provides an array of Professional Mobile Disco facilities to cater for Johannesburg and Pretoria. Services in the mobile disco industry include Pro DJ Hire, Wedding DJ Services, Mobile Disco Hire, Sound Equipment Hire, Lighting Equipment Hire, AV Hire as well as Karaoke Services. All DJ services are provided on a professional level and the Sarmiz Group maintains having a high level of service to all its current and new clients. With technical support to cater for all areas of the Professional DJ Hire service, the Sarmiz Group will deliver on its word.

Sarmiz Group


  Sarmiz Business Philosophy

Sarmiz South Africa is a customer-focused and responsive to change, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality guide our decision making.

:: We recognise and accept that change never ceases, that is provides us the opportunity to become more responsive to customer needs.

:: We support open communication at every level of our business process and workings.

:: We continually evaluate our process of business and we continually support new idea's and improvements.

:: We support our Business Philosophy and we are guided by our prudent rules and regulations.

:: We are open to change.